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Why Play Therapy?

We cannot communicate with someone if we do not speak the same language and the children's language is play.  Play allows them to get to know themselves, others and the environment around them. While playing, they begin to discover and regulate their emotions, they learn to face their fears and conquer them, they develop physical, social and emotional skills, they discover new ways to solve problems, they create.

By playing with others, children learn to lose and win, to share, to embrace differences and to express their needs verbally.

Play heals, it allows children to express how they perceive the world and helps them find meaning in what is difficult to understand.

As a play therapist, I understand that it can be difficult for children to put into words what they need to say, but just like adults when they call a friend to tell them about their problems or seek professional help, they have something to express. Finding someone who understands them, accepts and guides them through the process of emotional healing, is essential for therapeutic success.


Do you know a child who has experienced the death of a loved one or has a loved one whose death is imminent? Have you noticed changes in their behavior, such as irritability, hyperactivity, sleep disorders, lack of concentration? Perhaps he cries frequently, is more attached to significant adults in his life and shows anxiety when separating from them, or has regressed to behaviors from previous developmental stages, such as wetting the bed at night or the clothes during the day, thumb sucking, asking for a bottle, etc. This child needs help.

It is possible that you, too, are grieving that loss and are worried about expressing your emotions in front of your child. You wonder how it would affect him to see you cry and want to find the words to explain what happened in the best way possible. You know that you want to keep the memories of your loved one alive, but at the same time fear that reminding them of this person will increase their sadness.

Allow me to walk hand in hand with you through this difficult time and accompany your family in the grieving process, in the same way that I have accompanied many others.

Call me at 210-816-2076  if you want more information on how I can help.


My Approach
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